What’s Up is a proven approach to reducing the impact of violence in the lives of adolescent LatinX and Black males living in under-resourced neighborhoods on the South and West sides of Chicago.

The program started in 2017 with a cohort of 120 high school boys in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood. It is led by our Male Mentors, and provides 2-3 years of academic and social-emotional support to participants in grades 9-12. The model employs a multilevel approach including one-on-one mentoring sessions, group training, as well as parental and school community engagement.

A young man’s attitude related to his masculinity shapes his behavior, his relationships, his health, and ultimately, his ability to be a productive member of his community.


  • Increase high school retention and graduation ratesHealthy masculinity
  • Increase post-secondary education acceptance rates
  • Reduce gang involvement and prevent interaction with the criminal justice system
  • Positively change attitudes of and foster appreciation for gender equality, healthy masculinity, and health peer relationships

What's Up Graduates

SINCE 2017:

  • 100% of our seniors graduated from high school
  • 100% of those graduates were accepted into college or trade school
  • Participants began to think critically about how “being a man” is defined in their communities
  • Participants gained an understanding of and appreciation for gender equality and  peaceful conflict resolution, reporting healthier relationships with partners, peers, and parents

Looking at their own life experiences through a “gender lens” provides an understanding of how negative stereotypes of manhood can be harmful to their health and well-being and provide tools to examine the link between socially defined gender roles and violence in their daily lives.

“I learned there are more sides to being a man… when you are constantly bombarded with negative images, because that is all you see and all you know, you think that is normal, but it’s not healthy normal.”
– Program Participant

What is “What’s Up with Manhood?” Hear directly from the participants.

For more information, see the Promundo/Options for Youth Webinar on “Positive Masculinities: Experiences in the U.S.

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