The Subsequent Pregnancy Program (SPP) is a community-based program that focuses on helping first-time adolescent mothers become self sufficient before deciding to have another child.

Goals of SPP

SPP works to break a two-generational cycle by helping young mothers graduate from high school, develop positive parenting skills, and ensure school readiness for their children.

  • Increase high school retention and graduation rates
  • Increase post-secondary education
  • Delay second pregnancy

SPP Graduates

A bond has been created between the staff and me… they nurture, teach, protect, defend, coach and discipline.

Program Activities

Options for Youth’s Subsequent Pregnancy Program (SPP) serves very young mothers who have a baby before the age of 18. For 20 years, the program has helped thousands of young mothers delay a second pregnancy and graduate from high school through intensive group training, individualized support from a Home Visitor, and a long-term commitment.

These very young mothers are often written off by their schools and by society, with only 34% of teen mothers graduating from high school nationally. Among the 5,000 young mothers who participated in the statewide Illinois Subsequent Pregnancy Program, 95% graduated from high school and 97% delayed a second pregnancy!

Five-Year SPP Outcomes in North Lawndale

SPP is currently serving adolescent mothers in North Lawndale, a community with one of the highest teen birth rates in Chicago.

  • 125 adolescent mothers have participated
  • 100% of seniors graduated from high school
  • 80% of graduates were accepted into college
  • 100% delayed a second pregnancy
  • Program is active in CCA Academy, DRW College Prep, North Lawndale College Prep (Christiana and Collins), and Ombudsman Alternative West

“When I became pregnant at 16, nobody wanted me around. The Subsequent Pregnancy Program was my lifeline. I now have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and I’m working on my master’s, all because my OFY Home Visitor never gave up on me.”
– Program Participant

Subsequent Pregnancy Program Graduates (and Babies)

History of the Subsequent Pregnancy Program

SPP in the Media

Read the Chicago Tribune article by Kate Thayer about the Illinois law that impacts schools and teen mothers who want to breastfeed, Student moms who breast-feed will get space at schools under new Illinois law.