Peer Advocates for Health (PAH) is a community-based program that provides knowledge and healthy lifestyle choices to adolescent males, enabling them to communicate critical information to their peers.

Goals of PAH

The program aims to improve the reproductive health knowledge of participants, promote healthy lifestyle choices and increase their utilization of clinic services.


You learn a lot… this group makes me think about things differently.

Program Activities

PAH trains participants in an eight-week summer session, followed by weekly group meetings throughout the school year. The program also offers one-on-one support through an ongoing, personal relationship with the Project Coordinator. Through training, participants develop job skills and have the opportunity for employment in community outreach. Participants are African American, ages 14-19.

PAH Achievements

  • Trained 175 adolescent males in 33 Chicago-area high schools
  • Significant increase in reproductive health knowledge and lifestyle choices among participants
  • Peer Advocates have passed on their knowledge to over 8,000 adolescents in neighborhoods on the South Side