Options PIHV is a school-based program that provides training and individual support to pregnant or parenting high school students and their children from birth to age 3.

Goals of Options PIHV

The program ensures high school graduation of pregnant and parenting students, facilitates pre-school readiness of the child, and helps students become self sufficient before deciding to have a second child.

Options Prevention Initiative

It feels good to know that they’ll always be there for me.

Program Activities

Options PIHV provides information and training through weekly group meetings in school and ongoing, individual support through home visiting services. Participants receive parenting education, developmental screenings and age-appropriate activities for each teen parent and child to take part in together. The program develops community support for participants through referrals to health, social service and childcare agencies in their neighborhood.

Options Achievements

  • Impacts 100 young parents in high school, both moms and dads,┬áto insure high school graduation each year
  • Provides early childhood education and literacy activities to insure kindergarten readiness of their young children

Options PI Home Visitors Program

Options PIHV Staff

Connie Grimmett, M.Ed.
Supervisor, Prevention Initiative Home Based 0-3 Program

Jasmine Corral, Home Visitor – jcorral.ofy@gmail.com
Alyson Godbolt, Home Visitor – agodbolt.ofy@gmail.com
Alexandria Brown, Home Visitor – abrown.ofy@gmail.com
Sherry Sims, Home Visitor – options4youthbogan@att.net